Kiddion’s Mode Menu Alternatives In 2022

If you have explored every aspect of the GTA 5 game, maybe it’s time for you to try a mod menu and take your gaming experience to the next level. 

Mod menus are good alternatives to cheat software and exploits where you don’t have to manually enter the cheat codes every single time. Instead, these programs consist of a centralized dashboard with plenty of inbuilt codes and scripts that can be executed with a single click.

These mod menus allow you to manipulate and modify various elements including the nature of the gameplay, characters, and surroundings. 

Kiddion’s mod menu is by far the best GTA 5 mod menu available at the moment. However, several users have reported the unexpected shutdowns of GTA 5 and a bunch of other glitches while using the menu.

In this article, I am going to talk about some of the best Kiddion’s alternatives. So if you are experiencing any issues, you can try out any of these:

Mysterious SP

MysteriousSP is the first one on my list. This is a simple mod menu that can be navigated through Numpad keys.

Developers continue to add features and enhance its performance with every update. The program has all the basic features including teleport to the desired location, god mode, money, and health cheats.

Apart from usual cheats, there are some crazy ones such as money ammo, fireworks ammo, rainbow guns, and so on. 

The mod is absolutely free to use and has not reported any harm to the system so far. 


  • Navigate using Numpad
  • Spawn uber driver
  • Time & Weather change
  • Slingshot Vehicles
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited health and money tricks

Rampage Trainer

Rampage Trainer is one of the most refined GTA 5 mod menus available online. Unlike most menus, this one has been updated several times since its creation and includes a variety of new features.

There are 2 key areas where the Rampage menu shines. The first is that you get all the latest vehicles and the second is that you get to change NPC behavior which is not possible in other similar programs. 

You need to download the latest version of ScriptHookV plugin to run the Rampage trainer software. 


  • Top-notch performance, no lags or unexpected crashes
  • Ghost Rider Mode
  • Beast Jump
  • Vehicle Spawning 
  • Money and Health Cheats
  • God Mode

Menyoo PC

Menyoo PC is the best GTA 5 mod menu on our list. Although the program provides limited functionality, no other mods come close to it when it comes to performance and reliability. 

You can control many aspects of the game while playing a single-player mode. The program supports both input modes, Numpad and controller. 


  • Spawn vehicle anywhere, anytime
  • Teleport
  • Character modification
  • Modify the time of the day and weather
  • Weapon Tools 
  • Special tricks such as breathing fire
  • No subscription fee

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